Interests that Indicate a Fake Profile

Those rumors everyone mentions surrounding online dating and hookup sites do have some truth to them, unfortunately. The secret is that every site out there (,,, etc) all have a team of people employed by them whose job it is to make and maintain fake profiles. It has become tricky to spot the fake sites. You cannot even trust reviews of a website nowadays. The scam reviews are everywhere, but you can trust this review of the adult personals site and save yourself from online personals scams.
These sites use attractive profiles to lure you in. They use stock photo images of beautiful women to try and convince you that thousands of hot, horny women are waiting just beyond the gates of creating that initial profile and upgrading it to Silver or Gold status. You’ll get tons of messages from beautiful women whose profiles (which you can’t even see all of yet) promise that they’re in your area and that they don’t want anyone but you. You’ll want to respond to the messages to coordinate a hookup, but oh, guess what; you’ll need to pay before you can respond. Memberships are anywhere between $30-$40 for a month or two. You’ll get the ‘full features’ of the site, but the messages you may have received from women are gone now and the women won’t respond. This is a scam and is there to entice you into giving the site the money it so desperately wants.


“The profile picture is a surefire giveaway that this profile is a fake”

Now, you don’t want to get scammed, do you? No? We didn’t think so. That means you need to know how to spot a fake profile before the hookup site you’re on pulls one over on you! Online personals scams are slimy and sneaky. Spotting a fake profile on the multitudes of adult online dating hookup and dating sites can be hard when they take such pains to make them look so real. The pictures aren’t a dead giveaway to a fake profile most of the time. Unless, you know, it’s a porn star or a model you recognize. You might be lucky, but sorry to break it to you – you aren’t that lucky. One of your biggest indicators is going to be how she fills out her profile. Yeah, yeah, you’re probably thinking that there’s no way that can tell you if it’s a scam or not. If they’re so good at making themselves seem real, how will you tell keep in mind that we’re not saying all these interests listed on a profile indicate a fake, so pay close attention! ? It’s all in what interests she lists and how “she” words them.

Beware of the Fitness Freaks


“If she only talks about fitness then you need to start worrying”

The first one we seem to see a lot on fake scam profiles is anything about how much she loves working out or about how exercise is just her entire life. Does it say something like “I just love working out because it makes me feel good about myself and makes me look my best”? That sounds pretty legit and isn’t cause for concern; chances are, she’s probably legit. But if her profile lists her interests as “working out,” “going to the gym,” “running,” “weight training” and “walking” all at the same time, be aware. That might be the first alarm that should go off in her head. It sounds weird, but all these fake profiles seem to be made by people who think that finding every possible way to list one thing that could be encompassed with an umbrella term sounds normal. Well, here’s the news for them: it doesn’t. It just sounds weird, and if you’re an intelligent adult hookup site user, you’ll recognize that! Be especially wary if her profile lists working out as her main interest and it’s coupled with cheesy shit like “I just love stretching my muscles out!! hehehe” or something like that. Teenage girls who are trying to make things sound raunchier than they actually are say things like that; real women who are trying to attract men to hook up with don’t. If her profile has anything that sounds like it might be said in a cheap “realistic” porno, it’s probably a fake. They think it’s sexy and it’s really not.

Excessive Partying


“She loves to party and listed partying as her only interest”

Another one that seems to appear in a lot regarding profiles for online personals scams is anything that lists excessive amounts of partying as an interest. Chances are that most chicks, even if they like parties, aren’t actually going to list it as an interest. That’s because most women, by the time they’re done with freshman year of college, don’t see it as an interest. They see it as something to do. The scammers who make these profiles list it because they think it makes the women they’re impersonating come off as fun-loving in addition to her sexiness and desirability in the hopes that it’ll sway you more to create a profile. Does her profile say anything in the interest’s box about how she loves “Going out to clubs” or any proclamations like “partying is my life!!!” – avoid these profiles. That’s a big indicator that she’s either fake, or a girl who’s probably not mature enough to understand a no strings attached relationship anyway.

What Are Her Messages Like?


“Try to read between the lines when she messages you”

Pay attention to how she talks when she messages you. Do they seem like normal speech patterns, or more like something you would find if you let your toddler cousin borrow your phone and let them text everyone in your phonebook a message? Some of the worst online personals scams can sneak through the cracks of your awareness with convincing profiles and believable pictures, but the deal-breaker will come when she sends you a message. The sad part is most of the people who help maintain these profiles don’t care enough to double-check their spelling and grammar. Things like “I want to see more of u! Do u want to see more of me? Click my profile and we can connect!” That right there is a dead giveaway she’s not legit. No girl who’s actually trying to get with you will tell you to click her profile, because it’s assumed that everyone already knows that. Anything that says things like “I’m so shy…please look at my pictures and tell me what you think, please?” is a scam, too. No girl that’s on a hookup website is going to talk like some scared virgin. Real women there know what they want.

They’re Not All Scams

Like we said, keep in mind that not all the girls who might list interests like this on their profiles should be automatically dismissed as a scam. These ways that interests are listed isn’t a dead giveaway for a scam, but when they’re coupled with photos that look too good to be true and a lack of responding to your messages once you pay for the full membership all combine to make it one of the many cases of online personals scams. Basically, if she looks like mid-twenties and talks like a desperate middle-school girl, you’re going to want to avoid her because the profile isn’t real. Hopefully you aren’t scammed by these fake profiles and end up paying any of these hookups and dating sites any money, but if you were already tricked, try to make the best of the situation by at least being aware of what might indicate a fake profile for the future! It’s a shitty thing to do, but these sites have HUNDREDS of profiles like this just so they look good, and if you try and call them on it, you’ll be hushed up and your comments will be deleted. It’s like a totalitarian government of internet dating, so don’t get yourself caught up in it.

10 Things To Do If You Want Your Booty Call To Become a Steady Romance


“Go for a steady relationship”



The ache of not getting past the friend zone can be really intense. Many people have gone through this and many are asking how to make the friend they love become someone more than a friend. To transition from being just a friend to being a lover is not so difficult; if you play your cards well, you can move the friendship past the “friend zone” into something romantically beautiful and lasting. You won’t need to spend time on legit booty call sites looking for the perfect romance. Here are ten tips to help guys who want to transition from friendship to a romantic relationship.

1. Evaluate the Situation

The temptation can be getting up front and telling her that you’re into her and that you want her. Of course, you are friends, and friends are open or should be open with each other. Friends are supposed to talk naturally. But not when you suddenly discover that your heart is aching terribly because of her. She may not take you seriously. You may be a good friend, but she might not see you as a good lover. The best thing is for you to evaluate your situation, to try to feel her, and consider the chances that she can give in. Women tend to be more trusting of people they have known for a while, which can be an advantage for you.

2. Learn to Know Her More


“Learn about her likes and dislikes”

Trust builds on understanding, and understanding comes from how much you know the person. You can start by delving deeper in the way you know her. It should go beyond mere camaraderie. Show her that you can understand her feelings, her frustrations, hurts, and vulnerable fragility. Make her feel that you accept her, just the way she is, and that even if you knew her dark side, you’d still embrace it. There is a way of being with a friend that can be illuminating, uplifting, and greatly touching. You should discover her great moments, and share them with her. Create more of those moments for her; make her feel that she is special! It is important. Sometimes we do not even treat friends the way they should be. By making her feel comfortable in her position as a friend, you’ll be subtly opening her heart to the surprise that you prepare for her.

3. Be Patient: It Takes Time to Kiss


“Take time with your kiss”

You should not rush things, but you should not wait too long. If you wait too much, someone else may get there before you, and if you rush, you may ruin it all. Be patient and read the signs well. The fact that you ardently want your friend doesn’t mean that she’ll immediately share the same feelings for you. You will have to make her develop the feelings. You should find subtle ways to make her feel that you are into her. Wrap her birthday gift with a romantic touch, open the door for her gracefully, look her in the eyes and make her feel that she is desirous . At this stage, you do not need to be overly revealing. She will discover that you love her.

4. Start Being Flirty with Her

You should learn to flirt with her. Touch her lightly while you flirt with her. But do not exaggerate, do not overwhelm her, and do not make her feel that you’re going nuts about it. You may scare the heck out of her and discourage her, which may result in you losing her completely. She’ll start finding it interesting. Let her feel that she is desirous.

5. Flirt with Other Women


“Start flirting”

This is important: you should flirt with other girls, and do it when she is present. Make her feel that you are curious about legit booty call sites. Talk to her about adult dating sites, for example – adult friend finder. Ask her if adult friend finder is any good. You can also check its reviews, discussed by and educate her about, whether it’s a legit site or not. By talking about sites like this, you’re making her jealous by making her feel that you are desired by others, and that you can desire others as well. By flirting with others, she’ll discover the romantic side of you, which might have been veiled by your friendship. You’ll make her want to stand closer, to consider the chance she might be missing if she lets someone else have you. It’s a game, and it works very well. But remember, it might not work in every circumstance and for everyone. That is why you need to return to tip # 2, knowing her more. The more you know her, the more you’ll know what to expect.

6. Get Her Do Favors for You

You may not think this very practical, but people tend to like you more when they do things for you than when you do things for them. You should start asking her to do small favors for you. This is what is called the Ben Franklin Effect: the more she invests in the relationship, the more you’ll mean to her.

7. Create Some Competition around You

Get others to do things for you as well. She’ll feel jealous that there are people who can mean more to you than her. This will make her anxious to take a better place in your life. Although you can attract her interest by using others, you should not overdo it. She may see you are irresponsible and unfocused if you notices that you exaggerate your interest and attention to others. Be very sensitive.

8. Make Her Feel Rewarded


“Be grateful and express your gratitude”

Being grateful is important, and by being grateful for her favors, you will enrich your relationship. Do things for her in your turn and make her feel that you can be the best man she can learn about. Remember that you want her to trust and surrender to your charm, and that there is no way she’ll fall without noticing that elegance with which you treat her. Try to be attentive and affectionate, especially when she does what you like. In this way, she will look for ways to please you in order to get your attention and affection.

9. Start Spending More Time with Her

Spend more time with her, and invite her to come with you on important occasions like birthdays and parties. She’ll not be noticing it, but she will be unconsciously acting like your lover. At this point, you’re ready to make the move.

10. Be Bold and Make the Move

If you have followed the above tips, you’ll be able to know if she is ready for the move or not. You’ll know the best moment when it presents itself. That is when you get physical, but you should do it in a very subtle way. The bottom line is not to overwhelm her. Ask her out for dinner, and find the most appropriate moment to hold and kiss her. If you have done the above things, you’ll find her waiting and wanting you the same way you want her.

Although it is easy to transition from the friend zone to a more intimate and lasting romantic relationship, it is important to know that the time frame may vary from one woman to another. With some women, you’ll need to act fast, but with some, you’ll have to advance with a lot of caution. The friends you hook up with on legit booty call sites may quickly grasp your intention than those you meet in real life. It is important to know the person well, deepen the relationship, and create the feeling of need if you have to succeed in getting the relationship beyond the friend zone.

Reasons Why Everyone Should Try Online Dating At Least Once

Every individual has his or her own doubts about online dating. For instance, some people wonder whether online dating is different from conventional dating while others wonder whether they can find a good love match through online dating. Some perceive online dating to be the least romantic way of meeting a potential partner. I say, everyone should try online dating at least once, so they can identify its benefits and drawbacks.

Online dating may provide you with access to potential dates. The potential date may be in a different geographical region and may have a different circle of friends. There are various online dating sites that may provide users with a large number of potential partners. This improves the odds as it provides you with higher chances of finding someone with desirable traits and similar interests. If you are looking for a date, you may almost be forced to seek for dates via the internet. Online dating is now socially acceptable, and this is why there are so many advertisements of why everyone should try online dating at least once. Thousands of individuals have found and experienced love via online dating websites, and this proves that you can also find love through online dating and form a lasting relation with someone you have found online.

Free Online Dating – How To Know If Online Dating Is For You

Free Online Dating – How To Know If Online Dating Is For You

Relationship experts have come up with good reasons why everyone should try online dating at least once. These experts have undertaken various studies, which prove online dating is a good way of finding the perfect partner. These studies also show that online dating is an improvement to conventional dating and has changed how people looking for love can connect. Online dating enables potential partners to communicate via the internet before they meet face to face. These partners can share photos and essential information through e-mail. Each partner can, therefore, make a decision based on what they have learned about the person they have met online.

You may still be wary of online dating, and find it difficult to understand why everyone should try online dating at least once. Maybe you think looking for love on the internet smacks of desperation, or you think that everyone online lies about everything. It is essential for you to know that online dating is the most time effective and sensible way of finding true love. You will have access to various potential partners with clearly outlined profiles that describe their interests, likes, backgrounds and personalities.

Online Dating What To Expect

Online Dating What To Expect

These days, online dating has become a common way through which couples meet. Making the decision to use online dating services is a personal choice. You should know that online dating has advantages that do not apply to traditional, conventional dating. If you are still not sure about what online dating services can offer you, you should ensure that you still consider dating options you have in the real world while you keep an active online dating profile. This is regarded as the most suitable way of finding your perfect match.

Must-Watch Top 3 TED Videos That Are Absolutely Amazing

TED started in 1984 as a conference for people in the fields of Technology, Entertainment and Design. Over the span of more than two decades, it has become so much more than just a conference.

Experts in their respective fields give speeches and share their ideas to the world. Popular names like Steve Jobs, Stephen Hawking, Barry Schwartz, etc have had their share of TED talks. These presentations and talks are made into videos that anyone can watch for free, and thus come into being what we’ve now commonly known as TED videos.

TED talks being presented by the most renowned personalities in the three areas of technology, entertainment and design; there is not a single video that is not worth watching. But we’ll just take a look at 3 exceptional TED videos that are absolutely amazing.

Pranav Mistry: The Thrilling Potential Of SixthSense Technology

Speaking at TEDIndia 2009, Pranav Mistry talks about the interaction of data with the real world. He introduces his SixthSense device that enables connecting data available in the internet with the physical world.

Using models and live applications, Mistry demonstrates the SixthSense concept and shows how he’s able to extract information about someone just by pointing his device at the person. He also demonstrates capturing of a photo using his fingers, inserting data from the real world into a paradigm-shifting paper that serves as a laptop. The possibility of expanding further on the technology is endless, he says.

Pranav Mistry graduated from IIT Chennai and went on to MIT for his Ph.D. He has previously worked at Microsoft as a User Experience research. He announced, at the end of his speech, that he intends to make his technology open-source.

A portable "sixth sense" device powered by commercial products that can channel Internet information into daily routines

A portable “sixth sense” device powered by commercial products that can channel Internet information into daily routines

Ken Robinson: Schools Kill Creativity

With over 14 million views, this TED video is the most watched TED talk of all time. Creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson says that our current education system does not have a place for creativity. Schools should encourage and inspire creativity rather than undermining it.

“If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with something original”, says the visionary who has led the British government in its efforts to spread creative and cultural education in the ’90s.

TED is a circuit of highly popular conferences that present "Ideas Worth Spreading"

TED is a circuit of highly popular conferences that present “Ideas Worth Spreading”

Sir Ken Robinson was conferred knighthood by the Queen of Britain in 2003 for his achievements.

Louie Schwartzberg: The Hidden Beauty Of Pollination

Pollination is the process of transporting pollen grains from one flower to another with the help of external agents like birds, bees, etc. Louie Schwartzberg, in his TED presentation, shows the beauty of pollination. Taking high resolution videos and images from over the years, the award-winning cinematographer, producer and director shows in his film ‘Wings of Life’, the beauty of life and nature.

His TED video is a must-watch for all. Taking pollination as an example, Schwartzberg celebrates life. “Beauty and seduction, I believe, is nature’s tool for survival, because we will protect what we fall in love with”, he says.

Other notable TED videos include talks by Steve Jobs, Jill Bolte, David Gallo, Pattie Maes, etc. Global TED conferences are held twice annually and many awards and prizes are given out each year to notable personalities in the fields of technology, entertainment and design.

Trick Your Mind to Go to the Gym More Often

So you’re one month away from a trip to Mexico and you badly need to fit into that sexy bikini? Or perhaps there’s high school reunion coming in a month and you really need to lose 10 pounds? Or you’ve hit a weight-loss plateau and you’re getting frustrated because you can’t seem to shake off the last 10 pounds?

Well, an emergency liposuction will not work. Nor does fasting on a lemon juice and maple syrup for a week is safe. Weight loss needs to be safe and healthy. By working hard and doing it the right way, losing 10 pounds in a month is possible!

This article will reveal the three diet tips that will help you shed 10 pounds. These tips are based on scientific studies and you won’t need to use any expensive workout equipments or “miracle” diet supplements. All you need to do is change your eating and exercise habits.

1. Do Interval Resistance Training Workouts

Stop spending hours of boring cardio workouts just to burn calories. When you walk at a moderate pace, you’re only burning up to 295 calories an hour. Even if you do this every day for one week, you won’t be able to lose a single pound! Interval Style Resistance Training is the better way to lose 10 pounds in one month!

It’s also known as circuit training and this workout will burn twice as much calorie as walking! Resistance training has also been known as a superior way to burn fat especially the belly fat! Even after you workout, your body will still burn calories! It will help you tone your muscles and it will make you look better!

Best workouts for your sex life

Best workouts for your sex life

2. Go Low Carbohydrate Diet

When you switch to a low carbohydrate diet, your body will use the stored fat thus you lose up to 10 pounds in just a matter of months. Carbohydrates are the body’s primary source of energy and this is the nutrient that the body consumes to keep us going and working! When we eat excess carbohydrates, the body then stores it and it turns into stored fat. So you see when you’re limiting your carbohydrate intake, you’re telling your body to use the stored fat.

Low carbohydrate means you limit eating breads, cookies, rice or other processed carbohydrates. You also have to avoid drinks with simple sugars such as soda and candies. Just eat fruits and vegetables. You’re carbohydrate quota should not be more than 75 grams. Don’t starve yourself and eat the plenty of lean protein and healthy fats. Lean protein can include eggs, fish and beef. Healthy fats can also be your source of energy. Avocados, coconut, olive oil and nuts are examples of healthy fats.

Your Go-To Guide To Gaining Muscle While Minimizing Fat Gains

Your Go-To Guide To Gaining Muscle While Minimizing Fat Gains

3. Drink Lemon Water

Yes, sodas taste good and they can quench your thirst! But drinking soda including diet soda can kill your weight loss goal! Studies show that the artificial sweeteners found in sodas can only trigger the appetite. They make us want to eat more!

Drink lemon water. Lemon juice cleanses the body and it helps us burn more calories too!

Follow these three tips and you will lose 10 pounds! Believe in yourself and make healthy living a priority in your life! Visualize and see yourself getting thinner each day! Once you see the results, you’ll feel healthier and stronger!

Vehicle Leasing 101: Why Leasing A Car Is Stupid?

Leasing a car is the same as renting it for a fixed period of time. During this period you have to make monthly rental payments just like someone who is renting an apartment. But, unlike an apartment, at the end of the lease term, you have the option of purchasing the vehicle.

The monthly payments are calculated based on the depreciation of the vehicle from the manufacturer’s suggested retail price, meaning, they are based on the difference between the cost of purchasing the car and the estimated value at the end of the term.

On the other hand, when you buy a car you have full ownership right from the word go, pay for all interest rates if it was purchased on loan and take full responsibility for it.

So why would leasing a car not be a wise move?

1. You are limited on the distance you can cover with the vehicle is in your possession. Most common lease agreements stipulate 10,000 miles although most customers negotiate for 12,000 miles. Any extra mile covered attracts a fine. This can be very frustrating especially if you want to do a lot of travelling.

2. You have no ownership if the vehicle but are still responsible for making all repairs that are not covered under warranty. So, if your children spill drinks on the upholstery you end up paying for wear and tear. No modifications can be done to personalise the car.

Sub-Prime Auto Financing, Loan Terms On The Rise

Sub-Prime Auto Financing, Loan Terms On The Rise

3. In case of an accident, the payment rate does not change. You still have to pay back the full lease agreement amount. Any shortfall resulting from the insurance is still your responsibility.

4. On expiry of the lease, you have the option of either handing over the keys and leasing another vehicle or financing the remaining value in order to own it. If you go for refinancing option, it means that you change from lease payments to loan payments. The option of making loan payments will not give you as good a deal as you would have gotten had you bought the car outright. Lease payment is normally the most costly because you are financing the depreciation expense and not the value of the car. Point to note here is, when you lease a car you are committing to a lifestyle of leasing cars and, therefore, will always have a car note.

5. If your financial situation takes a turn for the worse, the option of terminating the lease can be very costly.

6. Insurers charge a higher cost for leased cars because they believe that unless you own a car you will not take the best care for it.

The Disadvantages Of Leasing A Car

The Disadvantages Of Leasing A Car

Finally, if your financial situation allows, there are many advantages of buying a car, with the first one being that you pay less for it during its life time as opposed to leasing. It is an asset that you have full ownership over and can even be used as collateral when applying for loans. Buying a car is the best move you can make when you decide to own a car!

Reasons Why People Love Their Smartphones So Much

Unless you live under a rock, chances are pretty good that you now have a smartphone. In these days of such incredible technological inventions, it is almost a necessity to most people to own at least a laptop computer and a smartphone. Everyone from the everyday blue-collar general laborer to company CEOs and even the president of the United States employs the use of a smartphone. The statistics show an increasing number in the amount of people that use a smartphone and the numbers are only continuing to go up. I think it is safe to say that smartphones are definitely here to stay!

It is honestly hard to think back to a time when we didn’t have smartphones; they have become such an big part of life for the vast majority of the country and a large population of the world. With the pairing of the smartphone and the Internet, the sky has absolutely been the limit! I am sure that in future years to come, the smartphones will only get more and more advanced but they certainly are not going to go away.

The Benefits:

You may be reading this article on your smartphone right now; heck, I could even be writing this article on my smartphone for all you know! That is how much has become possible with the invention of the smartphone. There are so many great apps that can be downloaded onto our smartphones and androids and each serve a distinct purpose, including those that:

  • Help keep you connected to work and other obligations

  • Help to keep you connected to your family and friends

  • Help to keep you entertained with social media and games

  • Help you to find your way when you are lost (literally)

  • Help you to stay organized (both professionally and personally)


Smartphones are ubiquitous these days, and there aren't many people who don't have one vibrating in their pockets

Smartphones are ubiquitous these days, and there aren’t many people who don’t have one vibrating in their pockets

These days, not only is our cell phone our very own tiny, personal computer, it is also a camera and even video camera, too! Since we almost always have our smartphones on us, we can quickly capture enduring, funny and even factual moments. (Like when you have to snap a photo of the damage on your car after being rear-ended at the stop-light.)

Keeping Us Connected

Smartphones make it very easy for us to keep in constant communication with others; by way of texting and sending emails, quickly logging onto social medias and there are even walkie-talkie options for those that may find that beneficial. Simply put, smartphones are just what they say: they are SMART! Be careful, though, studies are beginning to show that smartphones are becoming very addictive.

Smartphone, 6 technologies that will change everything

Smartphone, 6 technologies that will change everything

The fact that there are such competitive cell phone providers on the market, it is even easier to afford having a smartphone. You have to pay a little extra for Internet usage and other options like texting that you may decide you want, but it is really worth it. There are even some companies that offer smartphones with a pre-paid service so that you do not even have to sign any kind of contract with them.